Exodus II

1983 Book by Bro. Steve Lightle – Jeremiah 23:7-8

ex2At first glance, it may seem easy to dismiss a book written in 1983 about the status of Jews within the Soviet Union at the time. However for those that enjoy an honest look at past prophecies that have been historically proven to have come true, within our lifetime, this book is fascinating.

In 1974, Jewish-American businessman Steve Lightle closeted himself away in a fourth-floor room of a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called Kaffestube in Braunschweig, West Germany as something was stirring in his soul. He made up his mind that he would fast and pray until one of two things happened: Either God would change him or he would die in that room.

For six and a half days Lightle prayed, fasted and was visited by angels. Then Jesus appeared in the room and deeply cleansed Lightle’s heart, preparing him for a specific task. Lightle received a vision that pointed to a dramatic change in the spiritual climate of Europe. In a book titled Exodus II: Let My People Go! He described his vision:

I saw a lot of people, and I recognized that they were Jewish faces. And there were so many! Then from a particular viewpoint I saw a multitude of Jewish people – hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them.

Then my angle of the vision changed again. This time I saw it from a height that enabled me to see the nation they were in. It was the Soviet Union, and these were Jewish people that were being gathered from various regions of Russia. They were coming together and began to walk upon a big superhighway that God had built that was bound westward. Somehow I knew that only certain people could walk on. Only those that God permitted could get on it. And as they walked they began to come forth out of the U.S.S.R.

At the same time there were ministries that God raised up that were as great or even greater than that of Moses in Egypt. And they began to proclaim unto the Soviet authorities, “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, ‘Let My people go!’ “ And the Soviets refused. Then God, through these ministries, brought great judgment upon the Soviet Union. The catastrophes were so severe that the whole nation was brought to its knees. Then it was as though the Soviet Union coughed up the Jewish people, and they began to walk on this specially built highway.

As I watched I saw that the highway continued on through Poland, through Warsaw. It continued on through East Germany, through the city of Berlin. From Berlin it crossed over the border into West Germany at Helmstandt into the city of Braunschweig. This highway that had been built by God continued on to the city of Hanover and then into Holland where the Jewish people got on ships and went to Israel.

During the following six years Lightle shared what he had seen only a few times. In 1982, the Lord permitted him to publically disclose his vision of a second great exodus of the Jewish people from foreign lands to Israel. That is when he discovered that God had been revealing similar messages to Christians around the globe.

When God finally released Lightle to share his experiences in Exodus II: Let My People Go! He wrote:

Right now, in 1983, the Soviet Union has essentially closed all doors so that hardly any of the 2.5 million Jews [living there at the time] are able to return to the land of promise. But God will provoke the “land of the north” to let His people go. The original Exodus out of Egypt will seem like a shadow of the upcoming dramatic events. No one will talk about the former exodus anymore because of the worldwide impact of the final one.

People may still be talking about the original exodus out of Egypt, but there is no denying that this vision foretold the coming events surrounding the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and the flight of more than two million Jews from Russia to Israel by the end of the twentieth century.

Today, the prophecies within this book are gaining new prominence as the world watches the events unfolding in the Ukraine. A strong Russian pro-nationalistic fervor is once again threatening the very existence of Jews in the region. Once again we must not deny the prophecies that continually tell of a powerful move of God that will save the Jewish people.

Read this book with a certain amount of awe as you realize that modern history has proven this book to be filled with the true words of God. Read this book with a certain amount of fear over what will have to come next, before God will once again intervene to save His “Chosen People”.

Exodus II: Let My People Go!

by Steve Lightle
with Eberhard Muhlan and Katie Fortune

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