Oil Will Be Released To Israel

Deuteronomy 33:24

Stan Johnson, founder of The Prophecy Club (prophecyclub.com), received the Prophetic Vision of oil being released to Israel by God. This detailed prophecy included the following:

  • God placed the oil in Israel extremely deep, which explains why attempts by other oil companies have not found it.
  • God will not allow the oil to be found until the “last days” just as Jacob prophesied. It is not merely a normal oil well and, therefore, must be found in God’s perfect timing.
  • A “normal” oil company will be allowed to find it—only an oil company of His choosing.
  • Oil will build up Israel’s military for WWIII, and lead to Armageddon; it cannot be found until God allows it.

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Stan Johnson has found more scriptures and more insight. In this ALL NEW information Stan shows even more places in Israel where the Bible prophesies oil will be found. Finally, he gives four new dreams not previously released. He also gives a new and deeper revelation to three other dreams previously released.