…and REFUSE TO WORSHIP THE ANTICHRIST or his image at any cost (Rev. 13:15-17). It is far better to suffer for a little while now, and soon be with Christ, than to escape suffering by yielding to the beast and suffer the torments of hell forever (Rev. 14:11)

Be of good courage. Hold fast the Word of God. Be kind to the Jew. “He that shall ENDURE unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matt. 24:13)

This website is written as though the rapture had taken place and the Lord had called His true Church out of this world. Perhaps even now as you are reading this page the rapture is history, and you are left. Look to Him, Jesus Christ for the strength and courage to suffer for Him, for He suffered for you even unto death.

The Bible bears testimony that during this period you can neither buy nor sell without the mark of the beast, and this will bring great suffering and death to those who refuse the mark. BUT HE THAT RECEIVES THE MARK IS ETERNALLY DAMNED, AND THE WRATH OF THE LIVING GOD ABIDES ON HIM.

Whether the RAPTURE has taken place or is still future when you read this message, ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST NOW